Pocket Operator Apps

If you're looking for apps that play nicely with pocket operator devices you've come to the right place. This is a small but growing collection of apps that specifically support the PO sync or data transfer protocols. This means these apps are designed to work directly with pocket operators and can do stuff like play music in time, or transfer patches to and from the PO-33 or PO-32 devices.


Android & iPhone: PO Sync

PO Sync is a simple app to sync your pocket operator devices. It outputs a sync signal to drive your device.

PO Sync iPhone and Android pocket operator sync app

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Android: PO LoopSync

PO LoopSync is an Android music app that plays looping samples in sync with your pocket operator. You can add drum beats, synth lines, or any other kind of loop and it outputs a pocket operator compatible sync signal in time. So you can plug it into your pocket operator and the loops will play in time with your device.

PO LoopSync android app with pocket operator sync

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Android: BeatGenerator

BeatGenerator makes procedurally generated boom bap style beats. It has a pocket operator sync mode which means you can run it into your pocket operator and the beats will play in time.

BeatGenerator android app with pocket operator sync

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iPhone: Korg SyncKontrol

Korg's SyncKontrol app outputs a sync signal designed for their Volca device, but you can also use it to drive a pocket operator.

Korg SyncKontrol app

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Web app: PO-33 sample loader

This sample loader web app for the PO-33 plays drum sounds in order so you can load a sample set into the PO-33 easily.

PO-33 sample loader web app

Web app: PO-33 scale app

Punkyvan's PO-33 scale app helps you figure out how to transpose samples into the key you want.

PO-33 scale webapp

Web app: Patch sharing app

pocket.band is a site for sharing pocket operator backups (sample patches).

backups share web app

Web app: sync signal generator

poq is a web app that generates a sync signal for pocket operator devices.

sync signal generator web app