Pocket Operator Cheatsheets

Pocket operators have exceptionally minimal interfaces and so it can get a bit confusing knowing which button to press when. This collection of cheatsheets should help you stay on top of the various possible button combinations that are available for each PO.


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PO-33 cheatsheet

This PO-33 cheatsheet is by /u/alexwasashrimp and the site also lists some other resources.

PO-33 cheatsheet by alexwasashrimp

PO-33 scales diagram

This is a drawing of the available scales on the PO-33 from a Reddit post.

PO-33 scales diagram

PO-33 jungle drum loop cheat sheet

This amen break cheat sheet for the PO-33 is by stevemusicanderson based on a youtube video by rodrigomacias.

PO-33 jungle loop cheat sheet

PO-33 guides (A4 Printable)

Reddit user /u/alexjean has made these handy A4 printable guides for the PO-33 and you can get the PDF of the A4 guides directly here.

A4 printable PO-33 guides

PO-14 Sub cheatsheet

This PO-14 Sub cheatsheet by The Introvert covers the basics and the most easy-to-forget stuff.

PO-14 sub cheatsheet

PO-20 chords & keys cheatsheet

This PO-20 Arcade cheatsheet by /u/1000friends shows you how to make the different chords in the different keys on your PO-20.

PO-20 Arcade chords and keys cheatsheet

PO-20 Arcade key signatures for chords

This cheatsheet by /u/johnsherling is a list of key signatures that lend themselves to the Arcade chords

PO-20 key signatures to chords cheat sheet

PO-20 Arcade sounds and effects

This other cheatsheet by /u/johnsherling shows effects and sounds on the Aracade as well as chords.

PO-20 sounds effects and keys for the PO-20 Arcade

PO-20 scale guide

This scale guide by /u/TheBanjoPrince can help you figure out scales on the PO-20

Button cheat sheet spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet containing every pocket operator and all of their button combinations.

Thumbnail of a spreadsheet containing every pocket operator button combination

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